UV Technologies

Almost 30 years ago, Calgon Carbon introduced one of the first advanced ultraviolet (UV) oxidation processes to remediate contaminated groundwater.

Then soon after, Calgon Carbon became the first company to adapt the technology to cost-effectively inactivate pathogens in surface water. These breakthroughs have established Calgon Carbon as a world leader in the use of UV technology for disinfection and oxidation to treat drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, process water and ballast water.

Features & Benefits:

When contaminated water is channeled by UV lamps with germicidal properties, UV energy disrupts the DNA in viruses, bacteria and protozoa, rendering them harmless. When combined in water with oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, UV light generates highly reactive radicals that oxidize organic contaminants, creating a cost-efficient treatment regimen.

Compared to chemical treatment of water, UV technology is low-cost and environmentally friendly, and eliminates the need to transport, store or handle toxic chemicals. It generates no DBPs, which further safeguards the environment and aquatic life.

Calgon Carbon UV systems span five continents and treat more than five billion gallons of water each day.


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Municipal Water Treatment

Used by governments and municipalities around the world to provide safe, clean drinking water.

Environmental Water Treatment

Cost-effective solution for treatment of industrial waste discharges and effective in the removal of numerous contaminants from groundwater.

Ballast Water Treatment

Disinfects aquatic organisms found in ship ballast tanks, preventing the spread of invasive species from port to port.