Communities large and small depend on SENTINEL® ultraviolet (UV) technology and equipment for drinking water treatment and purification.

This includes the city of Los Angeles California where a Calgon Carbon equipped UV facility treats up to 600 million gallons per day for the 3.9 million residents with SENTINEL® 48 CHEVRON UV systems.

Markets/Applications Addressed:

This pioneering technology, which Calgon Carbon helped develop in the late 1990s, deactivates pathogens such as cryptosporidium and giardia in source water by scrambling their DNA with ultraviolet energy generated by high-intensity, medium-pressure lamps.

The cost–effectiveness and simplicity of UV disinfection technology enables it to function alone or as an additional fail-safe with activated carbon and ion exchange systems for complex multi-source or multi-contaminant water treatment facilities.

SENTINEL disinfection systems are installed worldwide, disinfecting over 5 billion gallons of drinking water every day. 

Municipal Drinking Water

Used alone or in tandem with activated carbon or ion exchange technology to help meet regulations and market demands by:

  • Improving taste and odor
  • Removing disinfection byproducts (DBPs), endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), emerging contaminants, and dissolved organic materials
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Features & Benefits:

  • Low Cost as compared to other advanced treatment technologies such as ozone and membranes
  • Powerful medium pressure UV lamps provide the most compact design for easy installation and retrofits
  • Third Party Validated in compliance with U.S. EPA’s LT2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule
  • Non-chemical cleaning mechanism eliminating need to buy, store and maintain cleaning chemicals.