Sentinel® AOP UV Systems

The Sentinel Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is a powerful treatment method that can be used to destroy harmful contaminants in drinking water, ground water and process wastewater.

AOP uses ultraviolet light in conjunction with standard oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine to achieve greatly increased performance by producing very reactive hydroxyl radicals (•OH).

Markets/Applications Addressed:

Calgon Carbon’s UV Technologies Division has over 30 years of Advanced Oxidation experience treating a broad spectrum of contaminated groundwater, process water, wastewater and drinking water, spanning over 400 installations with the Rayox and Sentinel AOP products. Our expertise provides accurate scale-up to full-scale from a simple design test on representative water.

The cost–effectiveness and simplicity of UV disinfection technology, coupled with advanced oxidation, enables it to function alone or as an additional fail-safe with activated carbon and ion exchange systems for complex multi-source or multi-contaminant water treatment facilities.

Municipal Drinking Water

Used alone or in tandem with activated carbon or ion exchange technology to help meet regulations and market demands by:

  • Improving taste and odor
  • Disinfection
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Remediation – Water Treatment

UV technology is a great fit for this Environmental Water market. The cost and handling of chemicals, not to mention the ecological factors, make specifying Calgon Carbon UV the right choice.

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Industrial Wastewater

Effective disinfection is critical to the industrial wastewater market.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Pioneer with 30 years experience
  • Scalable solutions from 3-50 Million Gallons/Day
  • Destruction of taste and odor causing compounds in drinking water caused by algae and bacteria
  • Treatment of endocrine disrupting compounds in drinking water
  • Groundwater remediation applications to treat BTEX, NDMA, MTBE, 1,4-Dioxane, TCE, Benzene, PCE, Vinyl Chloride