Rayox® UV Systems

The RAYOX system is Calgon Carbon’s UV solution for the destruction of organic compounds in groundwater, process water and industrial wastewater.

Markets/Applications Addressed:

With the power of hydroxyl radical, RAYOX destroys organic compounds.

Industrial wastewater

Effective disinfection is critical to the industrial wastewater market.

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Water reuse

UV technology is a great fit for this emerging market. The cost and handling of chemicals, not to mention the ecological factors, make specifying Calgon Carbon UV the right choice.

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Features & Benefits:

  • React millions of times faster than chemical oxidants such as ozone or hydrogen peroxide
  • Combine UV disinfection and an added oxidizing agent for ultra-fast, ultra-effective results
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Support water-reuse efforts – an environmental friendly, sustainable choice