Ballast Water Treatment

Ship’s ballast tanks often carry aquatic organisms that can cause a significant problem to ecosystems and economies when transported globally from one body of water to another.

In fact, the invasion of non-native species via ballast water has been described by maritime and environmental authorities as “one of the greatest threats to the world’s waterways.” In 1995 Hyde Marine recognized the issue and developed a ballast water treatment system (BWTS) to help prevent the transfer of these invasive species.


In January 2010, Calgon Carbon Corporation acquired Hyde Marine, now a world leader in ballast water management with its chemical free Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS), offering one of the smallest footprints on the market. Hyde Marine was one of the first to receive International Maritime Organization (IMO) Type Approval and United States Coast Guard Alternative Management System (AMS) approval.

The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold systems are designed to meet the needs of ship owners for an affordable, compliant, and easy- to-install treatment solution with low operating costs and proven reliability.

Hyde Marine offers years of installation and operating experience, with hundreds of systems already sold and installed.

The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® Ballast Water Treatment System relies on automatic and efficient filtration to remove sediment and larger plankton followed by effective medium pressure UV disinfection to destroy remaining micro-organisms and bacteria.

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